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6 Reasons Why You Need a Log Cabin this Autumn/Winter


1. Granny’s room

Having Christmas at yours this year but not sure if there’s enough room for granny? What you need is a log cabin which can double as an annex for situations just like this!

Kit your log cabin out with a bed, a chest of drawers and tons of blankets & pillows and suddenly you’ve got a space for any guests to stay the night.

Log Cabin - Granny’s room

2. Easy Installation

When the ground is clear, our installers can take as little as 2 hours to put up your much anticipated log cabin. It’s a good idea to install your log cabin now, before the leaves start to fall and your garden is completely covered.

Easy Installation

3. Personal Spa

Imagine this – it’s cold out, you can see your breath as you walk down the garden path to your magnificent and fully insulated log cabin. Dressed in your finest white robe, swimwear and some slippers, you open the door to your personal spa. A jacuzzi, candles, incense and spa music playing in the background: pure indulgence. You deserve this.

Personal Spa

4. BBQ hut for winter BBQ’s – needs a chimney fitted!

Do you hate winter? Detest the cold? Wish it was summer already? Sounds like you need to turn your log cabin into a barbecue hut.

Rain, hail or snow, invite some friends over to stick some steaks on your barbeque and then sit back, relax around the fire and drink some mulled wine as your dinner sizzles away.

BBQ hut

5. Relaxation pad

You definitely need a relaxation pad. Think of a wall to wall mattress, a mini fridge packed with beers and a smart TV. This is a great one if you need to escape the Christmas madness in your home, to watch the game in peace, or to Netflix and chill… with the cat.

Relaxation pad

6. Ball pit

Ok, bear with us on this one – what if you turned your log cabin into a giant ball pit? It’s easy enough, just build an enclosure on one side of your log cabin and then fill it with colourful plastic balls! Appease your inner kid and also have a place to send the kids when they get too cooped up in the house.

Ball pit

Our log cabins are even more affordable now with our NEW 0% finance deal. For more information, give one of our expert team members a call on 01483 224186.

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Exploring Tobias’ new family friendly log cabin

Tobias’ new family friendly log cabin

“I just wanted to say how happy we are with the log cabin from Titan. We will certainly recommend you guys”

We were pretty chuffed when this email arrived out of the blue from Surrey-based technology chip designer Tobias, a new customer who has just purchased his first log cabin. It’s no secret that we love feedback (just check out the 100+ testimonials we have on our website)

However when we discovered Tobias lives just around the corner from our Cobham HQ, we couldn’t resist asking if it was ok to call in and explore his new garden masterpiece!

perfect playroom
It makes a perfect playroom for the kids when empty, and sometimes it’s just right for sleepovers.

Tobias Log CabinWhat does Tobias use his log cabin for?

A technology chip designer originally from Germany, Tobias & his young family now live in a stunning property overlooking a lake. He told us he often fishes and goes diving in the lake and together with his swimming pool, he needed somewhere to store equipment (and an impressive collection of inflatable pool toys)

How did Tobias buy his log cabin?

After an initial search online, he visited our Ripley display site. He saw a cabin very similar to what he had in mind and discussed his plans with Branch Manager, Chris Greenwood.

Detailed design plans soon followed, and it was after Tobias mentioned that the cabin would be visible from the rear bedrooms of his house that we suggested adding our optional Western Red Cedar Single tiles. Tobias also really liked the light blue with contrasting windows and doors of one of our display cabins, so this was also added to the order. Easy.

A few weeks later and the log cabin was ready to be installed by our own team. On our advice, Tobias had arranged for a concrete base to be built whilst the cabin was being manufactured and all that was left was to agree a date.

How to buy your own log cabin

If you’ve been inspired to investigate by Tobias’ story to invest in a log cabin yourself, why not pop into our branch on Portsmouth Road, Ripley. Our super knowledgeable cabin gurus will give you all the advice you need on the best options, and how to prepare a space for your new pride and joy.

Special offer – Spread the cost of a log cabin with 0% finance over 12 months!

Spread the cost of your new log cabin over 12 months with our new 0% instant finance offer.

Contact us for more information, or just come along to our branch and speak to the team.

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7 Ways to Change Your Life with a Log Cabin

working from home

1. Home office

Working from home is a luxury that not all can afford – so if you’re going to do it, do it in style! A log cabin is the answer to all of your working-from-home dreams, trust us.

Transform your log cabin into your ideal working environment, a hideaway which is completely detached from your house but still only a 1-minute commute back down the garden path!

If you’re worried about leaving important documents about, don’t be. The cabin boasts a three-point locking system, double glazed windows and durable seals. We’ve got you covered.

2. Man cave 

Man caves. We all understand the desire for them. All men need to escape their family for a short time, and if it’s a place where you can watch the game in peace, play some pool or sit at your own bar, well… how could you say no?

Make your dreams a reality – quick and easy to build, our Game Room Log Cabin is big enough to fit a bar, a sofa, TV and even a pool table.

3. Home Gym

Brits waste an astonishing £558m on unused gym memberships – if you’re one of them, converting your log cabin into a gym could be the solution. Convenient and cost efficient, you can maintain your fitness regime in the privacy of your own home with no need to wait for equipment to be free! If you’re a bit of a germaphobe, this is a perfect alternative to potentially catching someone else’s germs or virus.

Best part is that if you decide that your home gym would be a better cinema room, your gym equipment won’t have lost its value and you can easily sell it on.

4. Hobby Room

Imagine a place where you can enjoy your hobby, somewhere where you’ll never need to clear the table for tea. A space where you can become fully immersed in your creativity with no distractions. Sounds perfect, right?

Our Sewing Room Log Cabin is a 3.5m x 3m building – perfect for tiny garden! The 44mm thick walls and double-glazed windows provide additional warmth for a comfortable living experience all year round. It will be your perfect escape.

5. Art Studio

Fed up of using a spare room as an art studio or shelling out big bucks to rent a studio? All you need is some space at the end of your garden and we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Bask in the tranquillity of your own Art Room Log Cabin, with windows and glazed doors; you’ll have all the natural light you need to paint the perfect portrait.

6. Storage

Need to turn the spare room into a nursery and don’t have enough space to store the build-up of stuff? Keep all of your precious items clean, dry and safe in the ultimate Storage Log Cabin! This 5.5m x 3.5m building has an indoor space (for endless boxes) and also a covered, outdoor area (great for bikes, lawn mowers and brooms/rakes).

7. Epic Storage

How do you like your eggs in the morning? If you like yours fresh, we suggest your fashion your log cabin into a chicken coop! Keep your chickens safe from the foxes, dry from the (endless) rain and nice and toasty in the winter months. Your chickens deserve the best, so give them with their own luxury home.

Visit to find out more about our log cabins or to start designing the log cabin of your dreams! You can now spread the cost of your new log cabin over 12 months with our new 0% instant finance offer! Call our expert sales team on 01483 224186 for more information.