Garden Log Cabins

We have configured below eight of our most popular Lugarde garden log cabins. You can adapt these designs or create your own using the Lugarde 3D Configurator.

There is a comprehensive Help section within the Lugarde 3D Configurator and our sales team can advise you on all the practicalities, such as planning guidelines and installation for your garden log cabin.

Garden Log Cabin B13

Log Cabin B13

From – £3,800.00

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Garden Log Cabin PR59

Log Cabin PR59

From – £9,694.00

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Carport C1

Carport C1

From – £3,235.00

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Garden log cabin Summerhouse PR15

Summerhouse PR15

From – £4,485.00

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Garden log cabin Summerhouse P893

Summerhouse P893/

From – £5,095.00

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About Lugarde Garden Log Cabins

For more than 40 years, Lugarde has designed and produced summer houses, log cabins, gazebos, carports, wooden garages, lean-to-verandas and holiday homes.

High quality

Lugarde design and manufacture their log cabins in Holland. This allows them to offer customers a high degree of design flexibility whilst maintaining a competitive price and guaranteeing excellent quality.


All Lugarde garden log cabins come with a range of standard features included within the price such as standard double glazing, roofing, various free options, free delivery and easy assembly. Lugarde products also come with a five-year warranty against manufacturing and construction defects.

Strong wood

Lugarde uses first-class spruce, which comes from northern countries where the climate is cold and trees grow slowly. As a result, the annual rings are closer together, which makes the wood more stable. All wood is then dried to approximately 14-16% humidity in special drying rooms. This limits the shrinkage of the wood.


All of Lugarde’s suppliers of wood are PEFC and FSC certified and where possible all waste wood and sawdust is reused for other purposes.

Design your Lugarde Garden Log Cabin today.

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