It’s all in the planning.

A small amount of planning at the beginning ensures you get what you want, we will help guide you through the process. Questions such as, what size building do you want? Where will it go? Is there a suitable base? How many windows do you want? And where are they and the door to be located?

This will save you a great deal of time and effort in the long term, there can be no substitute for fully researching your needs at this point.

Is the sheds quality or price the deciding factor?

As with all things low price often mean low quality and short life. Some of the cheapest prices come from the internet, Catalogues or superstores. Their life expectancy is usually 1-3 years. Things to consider here are; time and labour spent replacing a shed always costs more than paying a small premium at the start for quality workmanship and materials even before you add in the risk of damage caused by poor construction to the contents of your garden building. The old adage “do it right first time” bodes well.

Buying from a Catalogue or internet can be risky especially when you cannot view the actual product. A picture may be worth “a thousand words”, but it is a poor substitute for actually standing inside a shed. Costs can vary from £300 right up to £3000 & more. So a small amount of research and a visit to a dealer can make your decision a far easier and less worrying process.

What type of Roof?

Do you want an Apex (Double pitched) roof or Pent (single span) roof, How tall are you, will you be spending more than 5 minutes a day in there? Do you need standard felt or the longer lasting Heavy duty version?

Hidden Extras?

The price quoted should include the floor, the glass, standard roofing felt as well as treatment, delivery and VAT. Are there hidden extras? There is no harm in checking that you are getting what you think you are paying for.

Species of Timber?

For a long lasting building it is recommended that it is manufactured using Redwood from Scandinavian sources in all the exposed areas rather than the less durable White-wood or Deal.

Type of Cladding?

Shiplap and Loglap finishes with an extended overlap to account for greater expansion and contraction of the timber. It is also worth checking the thickness of the timber cladding. Too thin and the building will soon be showing signs of wear.

Tailoring to your needs?

Having researched your needs Are you being offered the exact size of building that you want for your site? Or are you having to compromise? Doors and windows should be where you need them at no extra cost. What is the height of the building? Are you comfortable standing and working in the building?

Some manufacturers will cut costs by reducing the overall height. If you are spending more than a few minutes a day in the building and you are 6ft tall or more then it may be worth going for the extra headroom to ensure back comfort and posture. How much do they charge for this? Titan’s shed roofs tend to be 6ft at the lower end (or eaves) and 7ft at the higher end (or apex).


A good building will be covered by a comprehensive material and labour guarantee. Check the small print to see what loopholes and get out clauses are on your order form. Is it a genuine guarantee? Or do they offer one at all?


Are your contents secure in the building? The doors should be ledged and braced for added strength, lipped and seated in the door frame with an adequate security bolt. For extra security there is an option of fitting non removable screws or security door bars.

How long will it last?

The fittings, fixings and nailing should be well coated to protect against rust. Chipboard, OSB board, particle board and Sterling board should never be used. These materials are really not suitable for outdoor use. As a minimum the walls and floor of any building should receive a full immersion in a high grade timber treatment. This provides total panel protection and ensures that the whole panel is treated against rot, insects, bugs and the weather.

Companies Reputation?

It’s also worth looking at the manufacturer’s background. How long have they been in Business? Do they have effective quality control? Do you want to make sure you have the right tradesman attending your house? Are they subcontractors or are they permanently employed by the company?

We hope this guide has been helpful and we recommend you visit and see our other guides. If you have any question don’t be embarrassed we want you to get it right first time.

Remember our advice is free, we hope the Top Ten Tips was useful to you.